Intex 1525mm 60″ 180° Finishing Mud Box Handle TIX460

Intex 1525mm 60″ 180° Finishing Mud Box Handle TIX460



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The 180° Box Handles are used in combination with any Flat Box to assist in coating flat and butt joints. Once securely attached to the Flat Box, these TradeTuff handles provide ultimate user comfort with rubberized anti-slip grips and superior control. These unique handles allow for continuous braking over the entire range of motion – a complete 180°. This ensures your grip and control is never lost when adjusting your position.

180° GRIP Handles

Premium USA aluminium construction and the latest generation design ensures these handles can absorb years of rugged use and strenuous labor. These handles are precision machined for the utmost durability and dependability…its proven performance.


  • This design is 25% lighter than alternative options
  • Built TradeTuff, these handles are designed and crafted to last using the finest of USA material
  • The thick handle makes it easy to apply pressure
  • Comfort Ergo Anti-slip grips ensure user comfort and safety





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